How will the future of film and television production impact job opportunities?

Film and television production jobs require a mix of creativity and technical skills, along with theoretical knowledge. The popular industry has gained global prominence as film and television series are watched all over the world. 

Film history itself is very fascinating. Where once the audience watched black and white silent movies, they now get to experience 3D movies and the current trend of OTT (Over The Top) platforms.  

This famous art form has thrived all these years because of the consistent hard work of many specialists behind the scenes. This includes the director, screenwriters, production assistants, camera operators, and more. 

Television production and moviemaking are unique and interesting professional paths that attract many youngsters. Film and Television is a field that is not only dynamic but also gives a lot of room for creativity and self-expression. Developments in film and television production are going hand in hand with their popularity and impact on audiences and, if you are interested to enter this field, then here are some interesting insights for you. 


Impact of television and movies 

Moviemaking has remained a popular form of entertainment for decades and continues to remain so. Powerful storytelling and stunning visuals hold the power to transport audiences to a different world. Be it a magical journey through a world of wizardry in Harry Potter or the multi-dimensional adventures of Doctor Strange, this immersive experience has captured the imagination of worldwide audiences.

Technology, special effects, high-quality sound, and visual effects contribute to the overall success of this industry. The impact and popularity of this sector make it an excellent industry for job roles. According to Motion Pictures Association, this sector supports the U.S. creative industry immensely and pays annual wages of nearly $186 billion.  

Even the pandemic could not deter the progress of this industry, which has seen a hike in production records. According to Tv Tech, Ontario has reported the highest production record level in 2022 which is $CA3.15 billion. 


Job opportunities in film and television production

According to IBIS World, nearly 80,649 people are employed in the U.S. television production industry, which is the largest in the world. Home to Warner Bros., Home Box Office, Disney and more, this industry employs various professionals from varying backgrounds with different skill sets.

Many of the top-grossing movies and shows made in the U.S. are shot in Canada such as The Revenant, Inception, Juno, and more. According to The Star, even the local Canadian film and television production scene is currently thriving with various projects underway. 

As this global industry is transforming, various new trends are impacting job roles. Anyone who is planning to make a career in film production must consider these trends. 


Job trends in film and television production 

The most popular trend that is giving rise to new jobs in this industry is the emergence of streaming platforms. While original feature films are still going strong,  a major chunk of the space has been taken by these platforms, resulting in new job opportunities for filmmakers, actors, and production crews. This has also allowed independent filmmakers to present their art and reach out to a wider audience. 

Growth of such platforms has resulted in the demand for new content, which leads to the second trend, increased spending on new content creation. According to Visual Capitalist, U.S. and Canada have seen a YoY growth of 16.1% on production spending of $149.3 Billion in 2020. 


Moreover, the third biggest trend is the influx of indie movies that, previously, did not get the required platform. Even bigger production houses are taking notice of such movies and are intent on producing their own independently created content. 


As Visual Capitalist aptly puts it ‘growth seems to be the new normal for film and television production’ and there is no glass ceiling stunting its progress. This is good news for those who wish to be a part of this vast sector, as it will allow them to gain access to suitable job opportunities, given one has the knowledge and skill set for the desired role. 


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