Best summertime activities for students in Montreal

Summer in Montreal is a magical time filled with many fun summer activities to keep people of all ages entertained. As a student exploring this city in the province of Québec, you will find multiple things to explore and engage in.

You can enjoy some traditional Canadian dishes or revel in music while shopping in a street fair. If you are a literature buff, then you can enjoy some Shakespeare in the park or simply wander down the cobbled stone street of Old Montreal.

The best part about summer in Montreal is that the weather is suited to outdoor activities and gives locals an excellent opportunity to participate in various events. Students visiting Montreal during this time can enjoy a range of summer activities in Montreal. Some of the best picks are shared below:


Explore the heritage of Montreal

The history of Montreal makes it a fascinating place and the summer is the perfect time to delve into the city’s past. Plan a visit to the Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel which lies in the heart of Old Montreal and was once a sailor’s church. As well as this, check out the Château Ramezay - Historic Site and Museum of Montréal, which according to UNESCO is among the 1001 historic sites you must visit once in your lifetime.

Château Ramezay is among the best places to visit in Montreal in summer as it offers guided tours where guides in costumes take visitors through exhibitions and the Governor’s Garden.


Enjoy the modern side of the city

From the rich past to the exciting present, Montreal always has something new to offer. If you like to participate in exciting activities, then why not explore the Old Port of Montréal on a quadricycle. This is a fun way to discover this picturesque city, and if you want a good view then you can take a ride on the La Grande roue de Montréal, the tallest Ferris wheel in Canada.

If you want to fly over the city, then try out the famous Montreal zipline. The 1,200-foot zipline will give you a good view of Old Montreal and if you are looking for more adventure, then try out the 80-foot free fall.


The festivals of Montreal

One of the best summertime activities in Montreal for students is to participate in various festivals. Whether you are a bookworm, a music lover or a foodie, this place has you covered. Many diverse events have been organized in 2022 in the months of July and August that students can enjoy.

The Cirque Eloize and its fabulous performances will end on July 17th, however there is the Chow Down food truck every Friday along with an Indian cultural festival that allows you to participate in the Holi celebration in August. There is always something new coming up in this city in the summer season, so you have plenty to look forward to.


Enjoy some Poutine

If all this excitement has whetted your appetite, then you must try some tasty Poutine. Some even call this dish the national food of Québec, as from the 1950s to the 21st century, this dish has remained a local favorite.

Students planning to study in Montreal will get many opportunities to enjoy Poutine, which is a combination of French fries, brown gravy and cheese curds. No matter where you go in Montreal, you will find a version of Poutine, though Dunn’s Famous serves the classic version of this dish.


Check out the Ecomuseum Zoo

If you are an animal lover then you will love the Ecomuseum Zoo, where every effort is made to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of animals is maintained. This zoo has indigenous animals kept in large enclosures giving them ample room to live a healthy life.

Students can arrive early to the zoo where they can feed wolves, lynxes, otters and even bears. You can also pack some food and enjoy a picnic in this lush green space. Also, there are various new activities happening at the Ecomuseum Zoo that you can check out in their calendar of activities.


Montreal Biodome

The Montreal Biodome, which is the largest natural science museum complex in the country, is another place that makes for a fabulous summer day trip. Here, you will witness the Insectarium, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and a lot more.

Recently, this place was revamped to give visitors a multisensory and immersive experience. Also, this Biodome provides a panoramic view of the luscious Tropical Rainforest, the Laurentian Maple Forest and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Check it out for yourself!


The city of Montreal is always thriving with new activities and has an equally rich cultural heritage. Add to that the scenic beauty and the quaint atmosphere of this place, and what you get is the perfect city to be a student.

Students looking to study in Montreal should check out Trebas Institute Quebec Inc., which is a recognized college offering a variety of programs in the field of music, film, business and technology.

These programs are designed in line with the latest industry demands and technological developments and are taught by experts with a wealth of industry experience. Students are taught using the latest tech tools and trained to excel in their field. All the programs offered by Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. are accredited by recognized institutes such as Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur (MES).

Also, given that the Montreal campus is situated in the heart of the city, students get to enjoy good connectivity to the underground subway, bus and train system. Students gain ample exposure in Montreal, which along with being a hub for video game design, is also a preferred choice for movie makers for shooting. 



Is Montreal worth visiting in the summer?

Yes! There are various fun summer activities in Montreal, including visiting the Montreal Biodome, La Grande Roue de Montréal, and even touring around the city trying poutine.

What to do in Montreal when it’s hot?

In the summertime, Montreal experiences high temperatures. While some establishments offer air conditioning or fans, it’s still advisable to dress appropriately and consider bringing a portable fan for particularly hot days.

What is the most beautiful part of Montreal?

Everywhere! Every neighbourhood in the city has its own unique beauty that makes Montreal diverse and entertaining.

What is Montreal like in the summer?

Montreal comes alive in the summertime with many exciting events, such as summer festivals and city tours that highlight the beauty and history of the city.

How long is summer in Montreal?

Summer in Montreal usually lasts from June to September.

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