Why study in Trebas Institute Quebec Inc.

Selecting the right educational path is one of the most pivotal decisions that a student has to make. By choosing a reputed educational institute and picking a program that is well aligned with your needs, you can make your academic journey run much more smoothly. 

Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. is a renowned name, dedicated to nurturing new talent in the fields of creative, business and technology. The school’s programs are catered to providing students with updated learning and knowledge in their chosen discipline. Along with a futuristic outlook that emphasizes preparing students to meet challenges and opportunities in the modern digitized world, Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. also helps students foster a strong drive to excel in their field. 

Many of Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. alumni have achieved great success and some have even won prestigious awards. You too can enjoy a flourishing career by choosing to study at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. at our Montreal Campus and here are some reasons why. 


We strive to be the best 

At Trebas Institute Quebec Inc., we believe in continuously re-inventing ourselves to meet today’s high standard of education. This includes offering innovative programs along with an expert faculty that guide students every step of the way. 

With changes in business and educational landscape, it is important to focus on current trends that directly influence job scope. Trebas ensures that each program has an up-to-date curriculum that helps students stay relevant in the job market and enjoy long term stability. 

The cutting-edge programs are accredited by recognized institutes such as the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, Steinberg Certified Training Center and more, along with an ACS (Attestation of College Studies) recognition. 


Diversity in students 

A key factor that attracts students towards international education is the exposure gained by studying and interacting with individuals from different countries and backgrounds. Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. has a diverse group of students from various nations, thus allowing everyone to grow on a personal level. 

With a student body from different countries, you get to brainstorm and exchange ideas on a range of topics, from business to culture, at the Trebas Institute Quebec Inc., Montreal campus. 

Along with this, stringent steps are taken towards inclusivity to ensure that everyone has access to a safe learning environment. 


Excellent employment opportunities 

Our journey with you is not limited to classroom education as we strive to help you establish yourself as a professional. Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. has excellent career services in place that allow you to navigate the job market by providing you with the necessary resources and workshops.

These workshops focus on providing assistance with everything, from preparing resumes and cover letters to career advising and exploration. Students are taught how to personally brand themselves on social media and access a job market that may not be easily available for all. Along with this, students get to enjoy regular field trips and conferences, which are an excellent place to network and gain job opportunities. According to 2019 research, 79.5* % of Trebas students successfully secure good job roles within 6 months of graduation. 

*2018/2019 research conducted by Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. Career Services department for English and French-speaking students at the Montreal Campus. 


Incredible industry partners 

Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. has a campus based in downtown Montreal, a thriving business center, which will give students access to brilliant global opportunities. While you are surrounded by some of the biggest names in the industry, you also get the added benefit of being able to work with leading companies that Trebas has partnered with. 

Some of the biggest names that Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. has partnered with are AMC Center, American Express, CBC Radio-Canada, Filmscape Media, Universal Music Group and many more. 


Learn using top-notch industry equipment 

At Trebas Institute Quebec Inc., we ensure that students have access to the best, be it industry specific programs, celebrated instructors or industry equipment. Along with our campus being well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, students also get access to sign-out labs and recording and post-production studios. 

They also get to work with top-notch audio and filmmaking equipment to get hands-on training, which is needed in the sector. Along with an excellent portfolio of programs, we ensure students have access to tools of the right quality to impart practical training for extensive skills building. 


If you are looking to excel in the fields of business, technology and creative then check out Trebas Institute Quebec Inc.– Montreal. You will get to choose among a wide variety of programs, each offering high quality learning in a specific field. 

The Montreal campus has excellent connectivity as it is in the heart of a city that is famous for its culture, diversity, amiable locals and with a thriving business hub that is making waves globally. 

Along with access to high quality education taught by industry experts, you will enjoy a strong support system that will ensure a smooth transition to the professional field. Interested in being part of a celebrated institute that has produced notable alumni like Jerome ‘Rome’ Kruin and Dave Mustaine? Then learn more about Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. here


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