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Student spotlight on alumna, Jessica Robyn, Event Manager

Alumna, Jessica Robyn, a business event entrepreneur, took some time out to chat with us and answer some questions about her life in the world of event management.

What is the best compliment you have received after working on an event?

The best compliment I have received was regarding how people-oriented I am. Coming from a diverse background has been a major asset when dealing with people in the field. I have realized that my interpersonal skills have been enhanced and I feel confident in my communication skills when it comes to work and my everyday life.

What has been the most surprising moment for you as an event professional?

I experienced sadness at the end of an event! I always thought it would be the most relieving thing to finally execute the event. Months and months of work, meetings and planning that goes into only a few hours of entertainment for the people attending. And then, after the evaluation…. It’s all over!

How has your education prepared you for your career?

By teaching me the importance of all the elements that surround events, I learned that anyone can plan a party, but to earn the title of ‘event manager’, you need to ask the important questions and truly respect the event cycle. It has also taught me the difference between a good event and a great event.

If you had a chance to do something different for an event, what would you do?

I would not change anything. I think every experience is a learning experience - some are better than others and it is important to learn from any situation.

What is the strongest personal quality necessary to be in event planning and management?

To work well with others and be a team player! You will be faced with so many different people who think, act and behave differently than you might. It’s important to learn how to communicate effectively to ensure the event goes smoothly.

What piece of advice would you pass onto fellow, emerging students on event management courses?

Know your worth! Time is money and so are your ideas - do not give them away for free. Find the skills that make you, you, and enhance them so you will be able to stay competitive in this industry!

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