Things international students should consider while choosing a college

International education can be a great way to discover a new culture and language and to experience living in a new country, but choosing the right study destination can often be a tricky decision. If you are planning to pursue your higher education abroad then you have to consider many factors and plan in advance. 

Canada has been a preferred study destination for international students and according to Erudera, there are currently 621,565 students from all over the globe studying there. The number of international students coming to Canada has steadily increased in the past few years and this is due to several reasons. Canada is highly popular for providing valuable education and has an inclusive culture that offers a safe environment for foreign students.


Studying in a foreign country is exciting, and it can also help with career progression and impact overall personal development, though it is a decision that needs careful deliberation. If you are considering pursuing your higher education abroad, be it in Canada or elsewhere, then there are some important pointers to keep in mind. 


World-class education 

When in the process of selecting the right country for you to study in, you should put major emphasis on quality education. Whatever your reason for studying abroad, one of your key objectives is most likely to get the best education and that should be your number one priority. Look for countries that offer programs that are globally recognized and have a good curriculum. 

Pick a program that is well aligned with your academic and career objectives and gives you the necessary expertise that you seek. If you are planning to build on your past education, then you must select the right program accordingly. Canada provides accredited academic diplomas in a variety of disciplines and is renowned for its high-quality education. The US News report has ranked Canada as the fourth best country in the world for education in 2022. 


The financial aspect of things 

One of the most essential tips for international students is to be financially prepared for studying abroad. Having the necessary financial resources will help ease any issues that you face and make it easier for you to focus on your studies. If you are planning to study in Canada then you must have at least $10000 (CAD) for your annual expense, which does not include tuition fees. This is necessary in order to obtain study permit approval. 

Other proof of financial support will need to be presented, including a Canadian bank account in your name if you have transferred money to Canada, a bank statement from the past four months, proof of education loan, proof of scholarship and more. Interested students can check out the official Government of Canada website for more information on acquiring a study permit and what is required in relation to proof of financial support. Students looking for anything related to study permits can checkout the official IRCC website.  


Right location 

When selecting the right place to study in you have to take into account the cost of living, job opportunities and overall environment of the place. A country that is welcoming to international students and offers conducive conditions for learning and growth is always a good choice. 

Canada is a good example of a country that is home to different communities, has a multicultural environment and focuses on inclusivity. As a student, you also have to consider the cost of living before you move to a new place. 

According to Study in Canada, the living cost for an international student in Canada is $600 and $800 per month. This does not include accommodation costs which can be another $400 – $800 per month if you opt for a homestay or $400 – $1,500 per month if you are renting a place. Though the living cost will vary depending on the city you are staying in. 


Job opportunities 

When it comes to career opportunities, Canada has certainly secured a strong position in the global platform. The Forbes magazine even called Canada - ‘business world's best-kept secret’ given the growth that the nation is witnessing in terms of new businesses, particularly start-ups. 

According to Forbes, Toronto has become a global tech hub that is attracting new business and talent from all over the world. It is already home to many multinational companies and unicorn start-ups. Another unique point that students must consider is that despite the growth in opportunities, Canada currently faces numerous skills gaps, which means that by opting for the right program, you can become applicable for various good job roles. 


Necessary documents 

Getting all the documents ready should be high on your list of priorities if you are planning to study abroad. It will save you from the unnecessary last-minute hassle and help in aligning the process of application and immigration better. 

If you are planning to study in Canada then you have to prepare all the necessary documents that cover the following:

  • proof of acceptance
  • proof of identity, and
  • proof of financial support 

Additionally, other documents would be required for which you can check the IRCC website


Along with this, students also have to present a letter of explanation that is very important. This letter that summarizes information about you and your goals for visiting the country is presented to the visa officer. In the letter, you will also state that you understand the responsibilities that you have as a student in Canada. A letter of explanation is needed if you want to apply for a study permit and must be included in your documents even if you are not applying for a permit. 

Lastly ensure that your passport is valid till the intended stay in Canada and most importantly, start planning early. International students need to start their preparation at the earliest to ensure that they can make this big move smoothly without any major hurdles. 


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