Why is Toronto a great study destination for students?

Did you know that in 2021, Canada broke its own record by welcoming 450,000 new students from around the world?  CIC News, who shared this number also stated that this is a record for the country, which was ranked as the third most popular international study destination in 2020. 

If you are keen to pursue your higher education in Canada, then Toronto is an excellent option. As the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest in North America, Toronto is a hub of business, arts and festivals. The city has something special to offer to everyone and its vibe is infectious.  


The city of Toronto is home to prestigious universities, boasts a multicultural environment and offers a lot of recreational activities as well as artistic pursuits for students. So, what are some of the main reasons why students should consider studying in Toronto? 


Student-friendly city 

If you are looking to study in a developed nation that offers you all the perks that come with a high-income economy and is famous for its multiculturalism then Toronto is the place for you. Toronto featured as high as 13th in the QS world rankings, highlighting its diverse culture. 

Multiculturalism is valued in this city, which embraces people from different backgrounds with open arms. This is backed by The Martin Prosperity Institute which ranked Toronto high in its index for tolerance. 

The pro-immigrant sentiment comes from the progressive younger generation, focused on digital innovation, economic growth and sustainability. Students will find this city safe, welcoming and a perfect place to build a strong professional platform. Students will also find this city a conducive place for networking. 


Tech growth in Toronto

In research carried out by the Seattle Times, the tech hub of Toronto is growing significantly faster than any U.S. hub. In fact, the city is the third largest tech hub in North America. The tech workforce in the city is growing and creating new milestones, mainly because it has access to all the necessary resources for growth.

While the city already has skilled researchers and engineers, the talent pool is expected to grow with more students and professionals pursuing a career in the city. Also, as stated in the Seattle Times report, this growth is being well funded as Toronto received $5.4 billion in 2021 and 2022 to push technological growth and it is believed that more money will be funded as the talent pool grows.  


Booming business center 

Toronto is seeing growth in all aspects and has a flourishing business hub. According to the City of Toronto, which is the official website of Toronto, the city is already the financial center of Canada and is home to some of the biggest brands. Microsoft has had its office in Toronto for a long time and is now joined by Amazon, Deloitte, IBM, Walmart, Accenture and more. 

Students, both domestic and international, will find plenty of employment opportunities in the city of Toronto. The top employers here include corporate giants like Accenture, Hyundai Capital, HP Canada Co, Home Depot Canada, Salesforce, Samsung Electronic Canada Inc. among others. Additionally, many new start-ups are emerging here and doing remarkably well. This includes unicorn start-ups. 


Hub of creativity 

Don’t be mistaken to think that Toronto is all business. The city is known for its creative side and attracts artists from all over the world. One of the benefits of living in Toronto is the exposure that you will gain in terms of meeting new artists and attending concerts, music and film festivals. After all, this is the city that hosts the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). 

If you are planning a career in the creative arts, then Toronto will provide you with opportunities to learn, network and experience. There is the famous Luminato Festival for theatre, art and dance enthusiasts to showcase their talent and meet other artists. There is also the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) for comic fans, the Canadian Music Week for music lovers and the Just For Laughs, for those who like comedy. 

While studying in Toronto, students will find a lot of interesting activities to keep themselves occupied. As well as there being a lot of cultural events to enjoy, the city also offers heritage sites such as the Royal Ontario Museum. You can visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Art Gallery of Ontario or the bohemian neighborhood of Kensington Market and enjoy delicious food at the St. Lawrence Market. 


If you are looking to study in the city of Toronto, then check out the Trebas Institute which has a campus in Toronto, just a two-minute walk from the Wellesley subway station. Also, six subway stops south is Union Station, in the vicinity of Old St. Lawrence Market, Scotiabank Arena, BMO Stadium and more. 

Along with good connectivity, Trebas offers numerous opportunities to network for students, who get to experience all the top Toronto events including Toronto International Film Festival, Canadian Music Week, Scotiabank Arena, Canadian National Exhibition and Pride. 

Additionally, there are many entertainment options in Toronto where you can check out various music artists or even visit the city hotspot CODA, where you could run into Drake, The Weeknd, Sean Mendes and other Canadian celebrities. 

Trebas Institute offers various accredited programs that are designed in line with modern business requirements and cover a plethora of sectors ranging from technology to entertainment and business. Begin your professional journey today with a Trebas program and join the growing number of success stories in Toronto. 

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