Lida K

Event and Venue Management

I was so happy to find Trebas. I was looking for a career change and in 10 short months, I was able to transform my life completely.  With a current, comprehensive curriculum based on the real world and instructors who are still active in the industry, the Event Management program gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in the non-profit sector with new skills and a fresh outlook. Now, almost five years later, I am still very satisfied with my choice and am loving my career.

Other graduates stories

Kevin N

Audio Engineering & Production/DJ Arts
Trebas was a fulfilling experience for me. I found it extremely valuable to have tools at my disposal such as digital audio workstations, studio equipment and lab rooms.
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Antonette G

Event and Venue Management
The Event and Venue Management program at Trebas can be challenging but is totally worth it!
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