Nicholas Jarjour

Nicholas Jarjour

Entertainment Management

I have been working in this industry since the age of eleven, with my first published songwriting credit. From there, I progressed [through] many different roles over the years. By the time I finished high school, I had already opened up for Grammy award-winning artist, Rhianna, with my hip-hop group ‘N.B.A’. 

As my experience grew, I wanted to learn more about the business side of the music world so I could start my own record label and management company. When I discovered Trebas Institute, it was exactly the fuel I needed for my vehicle. Trebas gave me the tools I needed to succeed further and carry my career into the next stratosphere.

I was a Trebas student myself not long ago, and today I have Trebas students interning for my company and grads working for us! I own a record label, ‘Seven 30 Ent’, and a management company. We represent clients like incredibly talented up-and-coming singer/songwriter Leila, and Canada's #1 female DJ, ‘SiVuPlay’.

Not just a school but a life experience, Trebas proved to be the most excellent resource out there for me and proven for others as I saw my peers excel, like my best friend, Justin Cohen, who now works for Sony Music BMG, or award-winning Filmmaker and successful Music Video Director, Jerome ‘Rome’ Kruin, both young Trebas grads.

Even the successful Manager and Producer of Grammy award-winner Sean Paul, Jeremy Harding, is a Trebas grad. Thank you Trebas - I will be coming back every year to talk to the students and offer them as many resources as possible!

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