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Tiffany B

Tiffany B

Entertainment Management

For a couple of years, I would keep inquiring about the Entertainment Management program but never committed. In 2019, when I went to inquire again, (William Dimitroff, Admissions Counselor) said to me “I’m not even going to try to sell you on why our school is a great choice, based on the history here, I see you’ve been interested! This is obviously a passion you're interested in; the question is.... When do you want to get started?”

With the push I needed, my goals were clear - get the knowledge and the qualifications needed to pursue my dream! After enroling, I found out I was pregnant, so I immediately wanted to quit and took this as a setback! Bill gave me all the options on how to cancel, but again I was met with words of compassion and reassurance that Trebas has a team of supportive professors and I could accomplish this!

I left Trebas as a graduate, with connections to the industry through my professors, a business owner, with new friendships built and a mom to a beautiful baby boy!

Thank you to all the wonderful teachers that were direct, which prepared me for this industry. The teachers that I most appreciate are the individuals that go the extra mile for their students to succeed; feel lucky if you get to have Dora (Career Services Coordinator), Lindsay (Instructor) Buck (Instructor) Rick (Instructor) Trevor (Instructor) and Kal (Program Head).  Most importantly, Laura is the icing on the cake (no she is not a current professor at Trebas, but she remembers everyone’s name and is simply awesome).

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