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Post-production is both the science and the art of bringing a video production (such as a film or television show) to life.

In simple terms, post-production refers to all of the tasks that occur after filming is completed and the editing of the visual and audio materials begins.

Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. Audio and Video Post-Production program provides you with all of the knowledge and skills to thrive in the post-production industry.

You receive high-specialized, practical training to become proficient in all major facets of the discipline—video editing, sound editing and mixing, Foley, automatic dialogue replacement (ADR), motion graphic design, and the list goes on! You also work with industry-standard equipment and software programs, thus better preparing you to enter the workforce upon graduating.


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Key facts

Intakes: January, April, July, and September

Duration: 20-months (1110 hours)

Delivery: Full-time – Campus

Class Time: Daytime

Language: French and English

Tuition Fees*:

Domestic: $32,000

International: $32,000

ACS (Attestation of College Studies)

*For more information on tuition fees, please refer to Tuition Fees and Intakes page.

Domestic Scholarships and Grants

International Scholarships and Grants

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Program Overview

In this term, you will learn: the core principles and practices of the post-production industry (e.g., the key players, industry structure, current trends, etc.); the most commonly used software programs in post-production and what each of their functions are; how to record sound effects for video; as well as an overview of the post-production process (i.e., how to analyse the various shots and recordings and set up a project plan and workflow accordingly).  

  • The Post-Production Industry – 45h
  • Introduction to the Digital Environment in Post-Production – 45h
  • Sound Recording and Foley – 45h
  • Introduction to Post-Production – 45h

In this term, you will learn: an overview of the history of cinema and television; lighting and “green screen” techniques to shoot special effects; how to create 2D animations, illustrations, and other computer graphics; as well as how to begin applying some of the techniques and tools learned in previous courses to edit and produce the final version of an advertisement designed for television.

  • History of Cinema and Television – 45h
  • Cinematography in Post-Production – 45h
  • 2D Graphic Elements – 60h
  • Post-Production I: Advertisements – 60h

In this term, you will learn: how to develop your critical analysis skills to determine the needs in terms of music for a particular video production; how to record, edit, replace, and integrate dialogue (voice) for video; how to create the credits (opening and closing) for a film or television production; as well as how to successfully complete the post-production for a news report.

  • Music in Video: Practical Analysis – 45h
  • Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR) / Post-Synchronization – 45h
  • Credits Production – 60h
  • Post-Production II: News Reports – 60h

In this term, you will learn: the fundamental principles and techniques used for 3D animation; compositing (how to seamlessly combine visual elements from a variety of different sources into one image/scene); how to analyse video to identify various degrees of colour intensity and hues, as well as other factors such as saturation and contrast to perform colour correction and grading; as well as the tools and techniques used in post-production for documentaries.

  • 3D Animation – 75h
  • Compositing – 75h
  • Colour Correction and Grading – 75h
  • Post-Production III: Documentaries – 60h

In this term, you will learn: all of the theory and techniques necessary to create professional-sounding audio for your video projects; how to create 2D and 3D animated graphics; how to create and overlay images and 2D graphic animations for video; as well as integrating all of the knowledge and skills you will have acquired throughout the program by completing the post-production for a short film.

  • Sound Mixing and Editing – 45h
  • Digital Overlay Graphic Design – 60h
  • Motion Graphic Design – 60h
  • Post-Production IV: Short Films – 60h

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Skills and Competencies

Throughout this program, you will develop some of the following skills and competencies:

  • Achieve high proficiency in all of the key software programs and equipment used in audio and video post-production
  • Successfully navigate the post-production industry
  • Record and edit sound for video—everything from dialogue (voice), to footsteps, to ambient noises, and beyond
  • Analyse the various shots (video footage) and sound recordings and set up a project plan and workflow accordingly
  • Apply lighting and “green screen” techniques to shoot special effects
  • Record, edit, replace, and integrate dialogue (voice) for video
  • Create the credits (opening and closing) for a film or television production
  • Perform colour correction and colour grading for video
  • Seamlessly combine visual elements from a variety of different sources into one image/scene
  • And much more!


Career Outlook

Our graduates pursue successful careers in the following roles:

  • Video Editor
  • Assistant Editor
  • Sound Editor
  • Post-Production Supervisor / Coordinator
  • Post Supervisor
  • Foley Artist
  • Colour Correction and Grading Artist
  • Digital Overlay Graphic Designer
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