Buck Moore

Buck Moore

Audio and Film & Television Instructor

Buck Moore has been part of the entertainment industry since 1988. He is an Audio-Visual Consultant and expert witness, Filmmaker, Songwriter/Performer and Live Sound Specialist. Buck has run his own AV services since 1998, where he has set up over 4,000 live events to date. Buck has also shot and edited over 100 film and music video projects, which have been used for marketing campaigns, and played at film festivals and television, including projects for CBC.

In addition, Buck has recorded sound effects for Sound Ideas, the world’s largest publisher of sound effects, and has written articles for prominent publications such as Mix Magazine, On Stage Magazine, and Canadian. Buck has been a Trebas instructor since 2001 and has since been awarded a 10-year plaque for dedication to professional education.

Additionally, he dedicates much of his free time to helping Trebas graduates to ensure they can get started in the industry. Buck is a multi-discipline instructor, teaching in all the programs at Trebas Institute - Event and Venue Management, Entertainment Management, Film and Television and Post-Production and the Audio Engineering programs."

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