5 popular Canadian DJs you must know about

DJs around the world are dominating today’s techno-music industry. Amongst them are some famous Toronto DJs who are superbly talented and have the knack to drive the crowd wild with their music. 

Canada is a hot spot for tourists and is an equally popular party destination. DJs like Ghislain Poirier and Jessy Lanza, that are widely recognized in the Canadian music scene, are making their presence felt around the world while also winning countless awards.

These unique artists continue to draw music lovers from around the world to Canada and give them a chance to let their hair down to some musical beats. What’s more exciting is that they are inspiring the next generation and offering them a platform to grow. So, don’t be surprised if the next big name to join the top list of DJs below comes from Canada! 


Jessy Lanza

Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Jessy Lanza’s name is included among the most well-known DJs and musicians in Canada. Her three albums, ‘Pull My Hair Back’, ‘Oh No’, and ‘All the Time’ are hugely popular with young audiences in the country and abroad. 

Jessy’s immense talent has landed her plenty of accolades from the music industry. Her debut album, ‘Pull My Hair Back’ was nominated for the 2014 Polaris Music Prize and her second album was shortlisted for the 2016 Polaris Music Prize.


Caribou/ Daniel Victor Snaith

This popular Canadian composer and recording artist, Caribou, AKA Daniel Victor Snaith, is the son of the famous mathematician Victor Snaith and has a PhD in mathematics himself!

Daniel initially took on the name Manitoba, inspired by the Canadian province, and later changed his stage name to Caribou in 2005. Following the rebrand, he released all his previous work under the new name. His album, ‘The Milk of Human Kindness’ topped the Community Radio Top 200 Chart the same year.

His list of accomplishments doesn’t stop there. His ‘Essential Mix’ won the Essential Mix of the Year award in 2014 and his album ‘Our Love’ won the IMPALA Album of the Year Award. Recently, he was also awarded the Libera Award for the Best Dance/Electronic Record in 2021 for his album ‘Suddenly’. 


Ghislain Poirier 

Poirier is renowned and very active in Montreal for his successful monthly dance parties – Qualité de Luxe, which is advertised as the biggest Soca, Afropop, and dancehall party in Montreal. The playlists include everything from coupé decalé to kompa. These parties have been popular since 2014 to celebrate Caribbean and African music.  

He is known as a prolific electronic music DJ who has been mixing beats for over two decades. Poirier is also a musician and producer in his live performances and is passionate about eliminating the gap between cultures and language barriers. He is based out of Montreal but has performed in over 30 countries. Add to that, this Canadian artist has performed in major festivals like the BoomTown, Igloofest, Nyege Festival, Dour Festival and many more.

To date, Poirier has produced 11 albums as well as several EPs and made a remix album dedicated to Quebec songwriter Robert Charlebois.



One of Canada’s best house DJs is Deko-Z. He has been setting the techno scene in Canada for over two decades and is a resident DJ at several high-end nightclubs. He is celebrated for his iconic deep house music and regularly works with a large group of event promoters. 



Weska has come a long way from when he first started out in Toronto’s underground scene. Today, this renowned DJ is big on the electronic music scene and is performing during many of Toronto’s biggest club nights. Some of the venues that housed Weska include CODA, Hoxton and Red. His latest EP (Extended Play) Meru features three new fresh tunes that are inspired by his recent travels. 

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