Essential tools for film production and screenwriting

Whether you want to shoot an insightful documentary or open your own film production company, certain tools will be very useful. Film production can be hectic and having the right tools will help you to get the job done and get the best results.

There are multiple production management software tools which can help you stay organized and effective. They are instrumental in providing customizable solutions and enable you to control things to the best of your ability. 

Being a production manager is a jam-packed role that requires handling a multitude of tasks including everything from organizing call sheets, production schedules to managing budgets and so much more. It’s no surprise that aspiring production managers and producers are always on the lookout for filmmaking software that makes things easier for them. 


Essential production management software 

Good production management software should be part of every film production’s arsenal, covering a wide number of production tasks that can save time and increase productivity.

For example, Cloud-based StudioBinder allows you to track call sheets and customize storyboards with no loading time, runtime or install, so you can keep track and stay on top of everything easily. 

We can’t talk about production management software without highlighting the importance and method of a proper ‘script breakdown’. This important process is often confusing for many aspiring filmmakers but thankfully there are some excellent tools in the market to help you out. 


What is a script breakdown? 

So, you’ve worked on the script and revised it a few times, but that does not mean it is ready for production yet. Every little detail of the script has to be broken down and studied to figure out the necessary shooting requirements. This includes understanding all the creative and technical needs for each scene. 

To make a script production-ready, you must be aware of all the various elements of the scene. This includes objects such as props or people (actors, stuntmen or extras) or even a process that is part of the scene. It can further include special effects, costumes, set dressing, special equipment and a lot more. 

This process is usually followed by a script breakdown report where the team review and approve the script, highlight all the elements and share it with respective department heads. Finally, the shooting schedule is laid out scene-by-scene on a stripboard or production board. Now imagine if this long and tedious process was being done manually! Thankfully, technology comes to the rescue with some of the below amazing screenwriting software. 


Top production management software 

Here is a breakdown of top screenwriting tools in the market, that every aspiring filmmaker needs to know about: 


Final Draft 

This is the go-to screenplay writing program for writers, directors and producers, making it the most popular and preferred film-related software of 2022. Screenwriter, Doug Ellin and director Guillermo Del Toro, use Final Draft as it brings ease and efficiency to screenwriting. 

This screenplay writing software has been updated several times over the past 30 years and is constantly being updated with new features. This includes tools and abilities that take care of even the smallest details. It also has formatting assistance that takes care of missing dialogue, extra spaces and so on. The latest version of this program is Final Draft 12. 



Another current popular screenwriting software is WriterDuet which is web-based and completely free. This powerful tool is simple to use, comes with a good number of features and you can easily export previous copies of your work onto it.

The catch with this software is that you need to export your work manually unless you have a Pro or Premium account, in order for it to automatically create a backup copy. However, there are tons of benefits of this writing app, most importantly the ability is to collaborate in real-time. 



Celtx is another highly popular screenwriting software that is being used by scriptwriters and film production units for its highly useful features. Celtx which stands for Crew, Equipment, Location, Talent, and XML allows you to easily collaborate with your team and work on projects ranging from video games, films to plays.    

Celtx is completely cloud-based and has industry-standard formatting options. It also has index cards for the purpose of note-making that is divided into outline and scene breaks for easy understanding. This screenwriting program also comes with a visual storyboard and even a catalogue that allows you to organize everything including selecting the right budget. 


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