AI and the Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing is the perfect industry for AI, as it produces the most data, and working with data is what AI was established for. As artificial intelligence continues to upswing, it will soon be capable of performing almost any data-related task.

To simply define it, artificial intelligence is the technology which performs tasks that usually require human intervention and intelligence. For example, recognizing emotions and problem-solving. There are even innovative products being produced, such as smartwatches using cutting-edge AI to give people instant and crucial information about various aspects of their health profile.

AI is already affecting the digital marketing sector as it can optimize marketing campaigns and even streamline them, while eliminating the risk of human error. The annual AI forecasted growth between 2020 - 2027 is expected to be 33.2%, according to Fortune Business Insights. However, the industry is also going to face a lack of experienced and skillful staff, which may act as a roadblock to market growth. So, now is the best time to hone the skills required for a career in AI. Will AI take over digital marketing in the future? Only time will tell.

The power of AI-powered digital marketing


AI marketing is chiefly leveraging technology to enhance customer satisfaction by giving them a positive buying experience. AI-based digital marketing can boost the return on investments of marketing campaigns significantly. All this is done through the power of the likes of data analytics and machine learning to improve the technology that gives accurate insights to businesses about their target audience.

When a business gains access to such insights, brands will boom and create successful customer touch points. What artificial intelligence mainly does, is that it eliminates the risk of guesswork involved during interactions with customers. 

An excellent example of AI digital marketing is the very innovative ‘Voice Search’.

The digital marketing world witnessed a significant upswing in search results with voice searches being a game-changer ever since their introduction. Mobiles contribute to as much as 50% of voice search results when searching for local businesses, according to brightlocal.

According to PwC, 65% of people within the age range of 25-48 use voice-enabled devices every day. A great feature of voice search is the availability of different languages, so people can choose which language to communicate in with any device. Devices like Siri and Google Home are great examples when it comes to performing searches. If your brand can use the voice search feature correctly, then the opportunity for brand recognition is immense.


AI and Digital Marketing


AI can revolutionize the way digital marketing is used in the future as it can optimize the marketing campaigns and can also streamline them. Although a large part of the marketing sector is still dependent on human performance, the incorporation of AI technology can generate the same report faster, more efficiently, and using nothing but data.

Businesses will always need human intervention to provide the ‘human touch’. There are integral elements of business, that are emotive in nature, that machines still cannot perform as of now, such as understanding compassion, empathy and telling a story.

AI powered systems/computers will be able to perform and finish tasks like automation of campaigns, customer segmentation, and their analysis and A/B testing better and faster than humans. The important question here is: how is AI going to reshape the digital marketing industry?

AI can successfully predict the changes necessary to improve any campaign. It can perform data analysis so quickly that it saves a lot of time and money on advertisement. AI also helps businesses in bidding strategies. For instance, advertisers could pay less with the help of Google Ads’ automatic auction system. With the incorporation of Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI powered systems can help craft incredible ad copies, sometimes even better than written human copies, that too at a fraction of the time.

It is well established by now that artificial intelligence in digital marketing can significantly help in the return on ad investments. Another huge benefit of using AI marketing is that it automatically discovers potential customers, markets to them and converts them to leads - saving time as well as the investment of a brand’s human resources. Even 80% of retail executives expect their retail brands to incorporate AI-powered marketing channels by 2027.


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Written by Sudipta Jana. Edited by Olly Cox.






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