How to build a strong brand identity through digital marketing

Airbnb has changed the way people travel and established itself as a brand in the competitive field of hospitality through an impressive digital marketing strategy. Many other popular brands have chosen the same route such as Netflix, Nike, Starbucks, and more. They have used digital marketing to create a brand identity and made a niche for themselves in the market.

When used in the correct way, digital marketing can be an innovative and interesting way to create an impression on the customer’s mind. The beauty brand Sephora has impressively used digital marketing to create a strong brand identity and a huge online presence. Its social media page and online stores are filled with visually appealing images and details. Customers who interact with the brand online are offered video tutorials, interactive quizzes, and more.

Well-designed digital marketing tactics get customers interested in the brand and its product, which leads to eventual conversion and sales. This approach is more effective than direct marketing and creates enormous brand awareness. If you are keen to understand more about building your brand identity through digital marketing, then we have some useful suggestions for you.

What is brand identity?

To stand out in the current market, your brand needs a persona, which differentiates you from competitors and allows customers to connect with your brand. According to HubSpot, branding is about a brand’s personality and includes, but is not limited to, its name, symbol and logo. Brand identity is exclusive and shapes the customer’s impression of the brand.

Brand identity is the collection of visual and communicative elements that give the brand a distinguished persona. Along with its symbol, design, and logo, it also encompasses the personality, value, and purpose of the brand.

This allows the customer to recognise the brand and also establishes credibility along with fostering loyalty. Effective conceptualizing of brand identity includes understanding the target audience and the company’s mission and values. When digital marketing is used correctly, a company can evoke the desired emotional reaction from customers.

Branding with digital marketing

As Forbes puts it, ‘Your brand is an ecosystem’, which means you must work to cultivate and nurture your brand. This is where digital marketing comes in, as it connects the audiences with the brand and helps shape the right narrative.

It offers the tools needed to communicate your goals, mission, and values to your customers, along with helping them understand how your products and services can help them. Here are some ways in which digital branding strategy is impactful in brand building.  

Building rapport

The first step in every digital marketing strategy is identifying the customer and their requirements. This allows the brand to design itself as per the requirements of the audience. Airbnb is a good example of a brand that understood what millennials and Gen Z looked for in a travel experience and then designed it for them.

By identifying the target audience and building a rapport with them, brands can retain customers. Though, to build this camaraderie, you must choose the right channels as well. Focus on where your audience is and then create appropriate content that meets their preference and needs.

According to LinkedIn, the one-size-fits-all outlook does not fit digital marketing strategy and, if a brand wants to gain leverage, it has to understand its audience and then shape a strategy.

Building trust

To get customer loyalty, you have to gain their trust and this will only happen by cultivating customer engagement. According to Forbes, this can be efficiently done through social media, which has emerged as a powerful marketing tool in the current times.

Social media has re-defined customer behaviour and has become a strong channel for brands to communicate with customers. Additionally, lead conversions and interactions are more likely through social media. Also, customers often check the social media pages of a brand before making any buying decision.

According to Market Splash, 51% of B2B marketers witnessed a growth in lead generation with social media in 2020. Similarly, Market Splash also reported that, before making any decision, 75% of B2B customers check the social media page of a brand.

For a business to build trust with customers, it needs to be active on social media and effectively build a quality relationship with customers. This includes posting regular updates and responding to queries and complaints diligently. Additionally, it's important to keep humanism at the heart of marketing, as people are more likely to connect with your brand if you stand for something important in an authentic and genuine way. 

Building awareness

Building brand awareness is important, as it helps create a distinct identity in the minds of the consumer, along with differentiating the business from competitors. When people are aware of a brand, they are more likely to consider it when making purchasing decisions.

Digital marketing is an excellent tool to help establish the brand's presence in the market and to make it more recognizable to consumers. Through various digital media channels, the brand can reach out to customers and make its presence felt.

Additionally, social media allows you to measure social engagements through shares, likes, comments, and more, which helps the brand understand its reach and target audience. Google Ads, blogging, SEO, and video marketing are other digital tools that should be a part of your marketing strategy for building brand identity.

Ultimately, building awareness is a critical step in establishing a brand's long-term success and growth in the marketplace. Digital marketing plays a pivotal role in shaping your brand and bringing it into the limelight. Digital marketing has become immensely popular, which is evident in the amazing digital campaigns we can see from brands like Dove, Tesla, Sephora, and others. 

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