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When the Beatles popularized reel-to-reel recording to create mixed tunes for ‘Yellow Submarine’, people were mesmerized by what audio technology can do. Now, the audio industry is thriving with new tech tools and interesting career prospects. 

If you are passionate about music then a career in the audio industry can be an exciting prospect for you. This sector is continually evolving  and we have come a long way from vinyl records to streaming services. Audio recording, which previously used reel-to-reel technology , can now be accomplished faster and more efficiently though various computer applications and integrations. The quality and wide accessibility of these technological devices was unimaginable at one point. 


A career in this sector is interesting and offers immense job satisfaction. Given how evolved the audio industry has become and the speed at which it is transforming, an excellent audio program is the best approach to starting a career in this industry. 

When we talk of making a career in the audio industry, your choices are not simply limited to being a music composer, you can choose to be a music producer, sound editor, DJ, audio visual technician, recording engineer, live sound technician and much more. 

With so many options and the vast amount of knowledge required to flourish in this sector, students need expert guidance and this is exactly what Trebas Institute Toronto aims to provide. 

An excellent faculty 

At Trebas, you learn from the best and get a complete understanding of what truly goes into sound and recording. Jeff Wright heads the audio program department at Trebas Institute Toronto where he also teaches sound and recording theory and has an exceptional understanding of the sector. 

This can be attributed to his three decades of work experience in the recording industry. Jeff started out as a drummer and then moved to recording, later transitioning to producer/engineer and subsequently recording bands from around the world . He brings this experiential learning to the classroom where students get more than just curriculum studies, they learn various tricks of the trade that give them an edge over others. 

Taught by the well-known producer Jack Richardson, who has produced hits with famous artists and bands like Alice Cooper and Kiss, Jeff previously worked as an Assistant and rose to become a Freelance Engineer. He holds a diploma in audio engineering and has recorded voices and music for many notable shows and movies, some of which have won Academy, Emmy, Gemini, Annecy and other awards. 

Jeff has donned many hats including that of a director for two seasons of Pirates for CBC and has a dynamic resume that includes working on an open-road entertainment film, The Nut Job. He has also worked with some premier Canadian recording artists- Jellystone, Kardinal, Breit Brothers and more. 


Learning from the best 

Along with an excellent faculty guiding you every step of the way, Trebas Institute also takes huge initiatives to connect its students with the best and brightest minds in the audio industry

Recently, Jeff Wright interviewed Ben Kershman who is the Director of Marketing for Revolution Records, a label owned by the prestigious Warner Music Group. This session that happened in November was part of the “sound and recording” class. 

Students in the first and second terms of audio classes at Trebas Institute Toronto got to engage in an interesting chat with Benjamin where he shared his own remarkable journey and gave brilliant insights into the audio/music industry. He gave students an insight into what can be expected while working for smaller and major labels. 

The live chat included a Q&A session and ran 40 minutes over time as Benjamin addressed every query that students had. The informative and engaging session aimed to provide students with the right understanding of the audio industry and clear away any doubts while resolving all their queries. 


Start your career with Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. or Trebas Institute Ontario Inc.

With the growth in television, music and the film industry, audio has become central to the entertainment sector. It can also be a lucrative career which allows you to use your creativity and knowledge to the fullest. Also, Canada is an excellent place to make your career in music and audio given that the music market has grown by 12.6% in 2021. These statistics were shared in Canadian Musician point to the Global Music Report 2022 of The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, which also states that the Canadian music market is now the eighth largest in the world. 

The major Canadian record labels are keen to invest in people and resources especially in the two thriving cities of Toronto and Montreal. Audio engineering is a good career option in Toronto, which also has its own Audio Engineering Society that brings together professionals in this sector. 

So, if you are keen to design the next brilliant soundtrack of a movie or create an impactful score for a theater production or television series, then you must apply for a good audio program. 


Trebas Institute Toronto offers Audio Engineering & Production/DJ Arts that is designed to help students understand how to create professional sounds for various platforms such as film production, theater, digital media and more. 

The program, that is taught by expert faculty, is continuously updated as per the latest industry trends and changes. The team at Trebas Toronto uses state-of-the-art recording instruments to give students all the required skills and expertise needed to flourish in this sector. 

Additionally, you get to study in Toronto, which, along with being the capital city of Ontario, is also a dynamic and multicultural city with many ongoing events - Toronto International Film Festival, Canadian National Exhibition, Canadian Music week and more. There is a lot to explore and enjoy in this city and students will get various opportunities to network and build connections here.



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