Trebas attends ProFusion Expo 2022

Did you know that ProFusion Expo is the largest photo and video event in Canada and features some of the most celebrated speakers in the television and film industry?

Trebas Institute attended this year’s event, which was held on 9th and 10th November, alongside leading professional imaging companies displaying and workshopping their new products as well as film and television production experts.


Kalman Szegvary, Academic and Student Success Manager at Trebas Institute Toronto and a Toronto-based filmmaker, held two presentations at the ProFusion Expo 2022. His first lecture, ‘Write Your Killer Script’, covered the basics of scriptwriting and how to write a script that is worthy of television production.

During his second lecture, ‘Make Your Cult Movie!’, Kalman spoke about his cult hit film, Cannibal Rollerbabes, describing his experience as a filmmaker and offering tips on how to produce, cast, edit and distribute a film. After this lecture, Kalman opened the floor for questions regarding film and television production and scriptwriting.

Kalman’s lectures on film & tv production were well attended by screenwriters, filmmakers and digital media creators, who were excited to learn the tools that will help them tell their own unique stories. His lectures provided great insight for those looking to become a filmmaker, as well as those who may be considering enrolling in a film school like Trebas.


The Metro Toronto Convention Centre was filled with many film school students and young professionals looking to participate in the professional workshops on photography, videography and filmmaking by industry professionals from around the world. Trebas had an information booth at the event allowing attendees to learn more about the film school and how they can benefit from a Trebas program.

Trebas students were also volunteering, networking and working at this year’s ProFusion Expo, which gave them great exposure to film and television production companies and insight into the career path of a filmmaker.


If you want to know what it takes to become a filmmaker and understand the art of scriptwriting, check out the Film & Television Production and Post-Production program at Trebas Institute.

This program delivered in Toronto offers you the chance to learn how an idea can be transformed into a big screen production and provides you with comprehensive training to give you the skills and creativity required in the industry.

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Source: ProFusion Expo

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