Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. and UCW Pathway

Did you know that after the recent market disruptions caused by the pandemic, students are now turning towards business degrees for stability?


According to research carried out by Keystone, students in the U.S. are looking to upgrade their education as per new workplace requirements.

Having decent business knowledge in the current market can help you to succeed in your career and open new avenues. Completing a Bachelor of Commerce, an e-commerce program or an online business management program can give you the necessary skill set to begin your own entrepreneurial venture.


Bearing this in mind, Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. has officially partnered with the reputable University Canada West (UCW) to allow Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. students to benefit from the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree program offered by UCW.

Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. students who successfully complete the LCA.FQ: e-commerce and Online Business Management program, at the Montreal campus, will be granted 10 course credits or 30 credit hours to smoothly transition to the BCom degree offered by UCW, which has 40 courses or 120 credits hours.

Business skills have become more valuable in the post-pandemic world, which is experiencing a skills gap and is continually impacted by technological changes. In this scenario, the UCW pathway offered in collaboration with Trebas can help you take your career to new heights.


Growing popularity of e-commerce

In this age of the internet, the easiest way to reach customers is through online platforms. People are keener to shop online than to step into actual stores and, as a result, the revenue of e-commerce businesses is going through the roof.

According to Statista, the U.S. e-commerce market generated a revenue of 768 billion, which is forecasted to exceed 1.3 trillion dollars by 2025. The Canadian e-commerce market is also thriving with its key players, and earning a revenue of US$9.8 billion, US$3.8 billion and US$2.3 billion respectively.

According to ecommerceDB, Canada is the 10th largest e-commerce market in the world, which also means that job opportunities in this sector are flourishing. Every business realizes the importance of online selling and employs professionals who have expertise in this sector.

There has been a growing emphasis on e-commerce skills in 2022 and expertise in digital marketing, social media management, online promotion and more is greatly in demand. Students who are set to enter the workforce can benefit from an e-commerce program.


Ensured stability and growth

In the dynamic business landscape, you need to always stay prepared for new changes, which can create a dilemma for students if they are unsure of which industry they’d like to enter. E-commerce is a sector that has been on the rise for many years and, as digitalization takes over, this industry will strengthen further.

As a result, students who invest in a good e-commerce program will be better prepared for the coming times. They will gain the necessary skills in successful marketing, and content generation and cover the essential understanding of pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), analytics and more.


Business knowledge with e-commerce

Despite all the changes in the educational landscape, BCom has held a prominent position for a long time now, and its relevance has grown in the modern world. This is because, generally, businesses have expanded, and outdated concepts and strategies do not currently apply to the sector. So, without the necessary core business skills, it is hard to succeed in any industry.

A BCom program not only gives you in-depth insight into the business industry but also teaches you how to build a business, analyze opportunities and create an excellent networking system. It updates you on all the latest developments in the areas related to business, be it marketing, finance, or product development.


The advantage that programs like e-Commerce and online business management and bachelor’s in e-commerce offer is that they can allow you to navigate through the world of business easily and land prolific high-paying job roles with multinational companies. Additionally, those with an entrepreneurial streak will find it way easier to give shape to their ideas and implement it for long-term success with these two programs.


Finding success in the modern e-commerce sector becomes easier with the LCA.FQ: E-commerce and Online Business Management program offered at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc., Montreal campus. The collaboration between two reputable educational institutes, Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. and UCW, can be your path to success as you get to develop the skill sets of two different programs.


Building robust business knowledge becomes easier with the Bachelor of Commerce offered by University Canada West. Enroll in the E-commerce and online Business Management program at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. to get 10 course credits or 30 credit hours that you can use to pursue a BCom at UCW, which has a total of 40 courses or 120 credits hours.


Each program has its own strong unique selling points as the E-commerce and Online Business Management program teaches you how to start and run an online business, while the BCom program focuses on contemporary business knowledge.


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