Unlock Your Path to Success with the Music Business Administration Program at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc.

In the dynamic world of the music industry, talented artists and influencers often require the support and expertise of skilled professionals to navigate the complexities of their careers. That's where the Music Business Administration program at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc., Montreal campus comes into play.

Offering a comprehensive curriculum that blends business acumen with music industry know-how, this program opens doors to rewarding career opportunities in managing and administering the business affairs of music celebrities, influencers, and other creative talents. Whether you choose to pursue the program online or on campus, Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. provides a flexible and enriching learning experience. Moreover, the availability of easy payment options and scholarships makes this program accessible to aspiring individuals from all walks of life.

A Program Designed for Success

Industry-Focused Curriculum:

The Music Business Administration program at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. equips students with the essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in the music industry's business side. From artist management and contract negotiations to marketing strategies and financial management, every aspect of the program is meticulously designed to prepare students for the challenges of managing successful music careers.


Emphasis on Legal and Contractual Expertise:

Contracts and legal terms are fundamental aspects of the music business. Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. recognizes this and ensures that students gain a comprehensive understanding of these crucial areas. Through specialized courses, aspiring music business administrators learn to navigate the intricacies of contract law, copyright regulations, intellectual property, and licensing agreements. This valuable knowledge allows graduates to safeguard the interests of their clients and effectively handle legal matters in the ever-evolving music industry.


100% Online:

Recognizing the diverse needs of students, Trebas Institute offers the Music Business Administration program 100% online. This flexibility allows individuals to choose the learning environment that best suits their schedule, location, and personal preferences.

Promising Career Perspectives: Upon completion of the Music Business Administration program at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc., graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and industry connections necessary to embark on fulfilling careers. The program's focus on practical, hands-on training prepares students to handle the various responsibilities associated with managing the business aspects of music careers. Whether working with renowned artists, up-and-coming talents, or influential social media figures, graduates can pursue diverse roles such as artist managers, talent agents, music marketing specialists, event coordinators, and more.


Affordability and Scholarships:

Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. believes in making quality education accessible to aspiring individuals, regardless of their financial background. To this end, the Music Business Administration program offers easy payment options that provide flexibility and convenience for students. Additionally, the institute provides scholarships to eligible candidates, ensuring that talented individuals have the opportunity to pursue their passion for music business administration without financial constraints.


The Music Business Administration program at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc., Montreal Campus, stands as a launching pad for aspiring music business professionals. With a curriculum designed to address the unique needs of the music industry, a strong emphasis on legal and contractual expertise, and flexible learning options, this program offers a well-rounded education that equips students for success. By joining Trebas Institute, aspiring individuals can unlock a world of career opportunities and pave their way to becoming skilled managers and administrators in the music industry. So, if you have a passion for music and a keen interest in the business side, consider the Music Business Administration program at Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. at our Montreal Campus and embark on an exciting journey toward a rewarding and fulfilling career.

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