Antonette G

Event and Venue Management

The Event and Venue Management program at Trebas can be challenging but is totally worth it!  It will teach you all aspects of this industry, the dos and don'ts. You will get hands-on experience which is critical to being successful in this field. You will come out of this course with knowledge that many working people don't have.

I found the EVM course was vital to my success as an Event Coordinator and would recommend it to others any day of the week. My career boomed after I started my internship at Palais Royal. After 1 month I was hired full time, I worked there for a year and gained tons of experience. I am so thankful to have been able to work with what I would say is one of the best teams in the city. 

From there, I moved on to work at Liberty Grand, one of the biggest companies in Toronto. I learned so much more there and worked for a few years before moving on to now starting up my own event company, ‘Angel Events’. If your passionate about events, you won't be sorry.

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