Mark Mungo

Screenwriting Instructor/ Film and Television Instructor

Mark Mungo studied screenwriting at York University’s prestigious and highly competitive Film program, and holds both an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Master’s of Fine Arts, in Screenwriting. Mark currently works in the industry as an independent script editor.

Mark has written scripts and content in a variety of formats, having written content for feature films, television, and short films. He has written in a wide range of genres including comedy, satire, drama, fantasy, crime, and horror. Over the course of his professional career as an instructor, editor, and writer, Mark has worked on over 150 scripts, and revels in the creative challenge of developing a wide variety of student story concepts into short film screenplays.

Mark has been teaching screenwriting at Trebas since 2015. He believes in an open and collaborative classroom environment that empowers his students to tell the stories that matter to them.  Mark believes that story is a universal and essential element of humanity. His approach to storytelling values and utilizes an understanding of the inherently connected dynamics between individual psychology, collective society, and story. He seeks to use this understanding to not only give his students effective tools to use as screenwriters but for his and his students’ work to help bring about a better, more compassionate world.

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