How can studying in Canada help you make it big in the tech and business industry?

Choosing the right career can be difficult in the current global market where finding stability, good remuneration and growth is not easy. However,  Canada is becoming home to a thriving business and tech sector which promises excellent prospects for students. 

Recently, job search engine platform Indeed released a list of the best jobs in Canada for 2023 and tech jobs in Canada dominated the list. The nation is already a preferred destination for international students and, according to CIC News, it welcomed a record-breaking 551,405 international students from 184 countries in 2022. 


Additionally, the country is focused on bringing in skilled workers from around the globe to fill the skills gap in the workforce. The tech and business sector also finds support from the Canadian government which has invested millions in various strategies to boost these sectors. According to Newswire, the government invested CAD 48.3 million in the digital ICT sector in February 2023. 

The significant progress in the tech and business sector can be attributed to all of the above factors. Canada has always been progressive in its approach to education and business which also makes it an excellent destination for you to embark on a successful career. 


Canada needs tech experts 

Before we look at the most in demand tech jobs in Canada, let’s understand why the best talent from across the globe is pulled to Canada. Do you know that outside of Silicon Valley, The Toronto-Waterloo Corridor is the biggest tech cluster? According to Forbes, this tech hub in Toronto ‘packs a heavy punch’ which means it is generating enormous job opportunities and is getting worldwide attention. 

In a Waterloo report shared in 2022, this tech hub has 15,000 tech companies and employed 300,000 employees. An interesting insight in this report is that 40% of the residents in the tech corridor are foreigners.  

This is partly due to the huge market gap that Canada is witnessing. While the nation is growing in terms of business and technological innovation, it is lacking skilled workers to fill in the rising job roles. The growing requirement of experts to take up tech jobs in Canada is a core reason why students and professionals are looking towards Canada. 

According to GVImmigration, Canada currently has a vacancy of 874,700 job roles and is looking for new ways to attract new talent. 


Industries to explore 

The tech and business industries have a wide variety of roles and it can be tedious to navigate your way through various sectors and vacancies while looking for your perfect role. To make your search uncomplicated, we have narrowed down three of the most thriving sectors that are relevant in Canada and globally. 

These three sectors digital marketing, cybersecurity, and data analytics have been growing remarkably in the past few years and promise enormous scope in the future as well. Let’s take a detailed look at them. 



Digital Marketing

The digital era is at its peak and its impact on the business world is enormous. Internet penetration in Canada has led to the growth of the digital marketing profession and according to Robert Half, the key hiring area in the field of marketing is digital, closely followed by content.  

According to Statista, social media, strategy and SEO are the top most in-demand skills in the Canadian market. The report published by Statista Research Department in early 2023 stated that 67% of job postings in Canada required this expertise.

Having digital skills has become powerful and necessary, as stated by another report by Statista which forecasted 11% growth and revenue of CAD 12.3 billion. According to Statista, this makes Canada one of the largest digital ad market in the world.

Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist


Job prospects in digital marketing 

If we look at job prospects, then you can find full-time, part-time, internship, freelance and other job types in this sector. According to Glassdoor, you can earn 61,622 CAD annually as a digital marketing manager in Toronto. The salary will vary as per company and experience. 

There are many varying job roles in digital marketing such as an SEO manager, content manager, copywriter, digital marketing manager, social media manager, SEO specialist and more. 

Also, Canada is home to several popular digital marketing agencies such as Artifex Digital, CAYK Marketing Inc., Arnold Street Media, Brand and Mortar and many more. According to the job hiring website Workopolis, these and many other reputed businesses are currently hiring digital marketing experts in Toronto and Ontario.   

To tap into this market, you need the right skill set and, as said by the Executive Director of Marketing at Robert Half, Paul Flaharty, students and employed professionals must brush up their skills in email marketing, social media, SEO and marketing automation for career progression. Along with being proactive with the latest trends, continuous learning is necessary to thrive in this versatile field. 


Why study digital marketing with Trebas 

The best way to enter the digital marketing sector is by enrolling in a good program, such as the Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op offered by Trebas Toronto. This program will teach you everything you need to know to work in the digital marketing sector including online advertising, SEO optimization, content development, social media strategy, and much more. 

In this 12-month program, students will also get industry exposure and learn more about various types of clients, businesses, influencers, government agencies and more in this sector. 

An interesting insight into digital marketing by Incrementors is that 78% of modern marketers see content marketing as the future. It also claims that PPC and Google ads will be the highest revenue drivers. 

Students would gain expertise in all of these domains – PPC, Google Ads and content with the diploma program. Additionally, the co-op experience will prepare them for the Canadian market and allow them to make their mark in the field. Graduating with a portfolio of work means that you are already halfway to success. 

Just like our alumni, you can find interesting job opportunities such as a publicist, event marketing specialist, advertising consultant and more. 




In the modern world, many work operations are digitized and data operated, which creates a high vulnerability for cyber-attacks. This has created a huge scope in the cybersecurity industry for experts in the Canadian and global markets. 

As Canada adopts different technologies, it also has to bolster its cyber defenses According to Mordor Intelligence, the CAGR of the Canadian cybersecurity market is expected to grow 12.8% from 2022 to 2027. This growth translates to more job opportunities and gives enormous room for a specialist in this sector to move up the success ladder. 

The report also states that Canada faces a lack of skilled workers in this sector and there is a significant demand for cybersecurity experts that can help businesses of all sizes to navigate cyberspace without any threat. 

Diploma in Cybersecurity Specialist


Job prospects in cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is such a big agenda in Canada that the government is involved in upgrading the nation’s cybersecurity ecosystem. This is happening through strategies and investment, for example, according to, 80 million CAD was given to Cyber Security Innovation Network (CSIN) to generate and promote talent in this field.  

According to, cybersecurity professionals are in demand and well paid. If you are keen to be a cybersecurity professional, then you can work in various fields such as finance, banking, health, government, communications, energy and utilities, and more. 

According to  Financial Post, there were 25,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in Canada in 2022 and the job portal on LinkedIn is flooded with roles such as cyber security analyst, cyber security risk analyst, cyber security expert and more in the Ontario region. 

The national average salary of a cyber-security analyst in Canada, as per Glassdoor, is CAD76,231 annually. There are a range of job roles available in this sector, such as cyber security analyst, Sr. information security analyst, risk analyst and more. 

Some of the biggest companies in Canada – Deloitte, Bell, RBS and even the Government of Canada, are actively hiring experts in this sector. 


Why study cybersecurity with Trebas? 

Cybersecurity is amongst the most popular sectors in Canada in which you can make a career. The revenue of this industry is expected to reach 3.85 billion USD in 2023 as per a Statista report on the Canadian cybersecurity market. 

As organizations in Canada and USA looks to strengthen their cybersecurity, students need to prepare themselves for a career in this field by studying an excellent program. The Diploma in Cybersecurity Specialist Co-op offered by Trebas Toronto is an excellent option for anyone who wants to understand this sector and focus on technology such as blockchain, big data, and the IoT (Internet of Things). It will prepare you to understand and develop a strong security system that can protect the digital infrastructure of a business. 

Integration of machine learning is a hot topic in the cybersecurity sector and according to Comparitech, around 73.5 percent of organizations in Canada focus on machine learning when it comes to cybersecurity. This diploma program trains students on the best practices in cybersecurity as per the latest trends and requirements. The co-op experience also prepares students to enter this fast-growing field more easily. 

Canada, which was the fourth hardest cyber-hit country after the US, France, and Germany, according to the Kon Briefing’s December 2021 cyber attack list, faces a major skill gap and is looking for experts in this sector. According to Financial Post, there are 25,000 unfilled cybersecurity job roles in Canada, which is an excellent reason to enroll in a cybersecurity program today. 


Data Analytics 

Modern business is data-driven and many organizations in Canada look for professionals who can help them turn data into relevant information that can be used for strategy and project building. According to IBM, Canada is speeding up in the race to become a booming data economy. The country has grown 400% since its investment in “data, databases and data science” in 2005. 

Data is rapidly changing the way Canadian businesses conduct operations and this shift is supported by experts in this field. The role of a data analyst has become essential and there is a great demand for these professionals by businesses in Canada. 

Diploma in data analytics co-op


Job prospects in data analytics 

According to DataMites, data analytics is among the most in demand tech jobs in Canada and, according to Job Bank, there is a good scope of job opportunities in the Ontario region and an estimated rise of 1800 job roles in this sector by 2028 in several Canadian cities. 

You can find job roles at entry, mid and senior levels in this sector based on your skills and experience. The salary also depends on the level of experience and the company.

According to Glassdoor, a data analyst can earn CAD 65,076 per annum. Also, as per Indeed, Toronto is among the highest-paying destinations for anyone interested in being a data analyst where you can earn nearly CAD 70,799 at an entry level job role. 


Why study data analytics with Trebas? 

According to Arizton, data analytics is a vast sector and has attained massive economic value as it is expected to reach a market value of USD 6.50 Billion by 2028. If you are keen to enter this sector, then the best way is through a program that gives you the necessary understanding of this sector. It will also train you in various important skills such as data visualization, SQL, data design and more. 

The Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op offered by Trebas Toronto gives you all the necessary tools and techniques needed to excel in this field. The training offered during the program will make you proficient in data mining, database and analytics. Trebas not only preps you theoretically but combines practical work experience to ensure that you are prepared to handle real business world responsibilities. 


Canada is taking a big leap in the field of data and is establishing itself as a technology leader. According to NY Times, the tech hub in Toronto is growing at an exponential rate and is now the third-largest tech hub in North America. It is fast becoming a place to make an excellent career, form networking connections and even establish a business, which is why techies from around the world are heading here. 

Be it tech training in Canada or exploring opportunities in entertainment, film or other areas, you can find excellent programs at the Trebas Institute Toronto. Each program is designed to offer students the necessary expertise needed to excel in their chosen discipline. 

The programs come with practical experience, which helps students to dive deep into the industry and prepare themselves for relevant roles and responsibilities. Studying in Toronto, which is one of the most vibrant cities of Canada, is another added plus. The capital city of Ontario is buzzing with festivals, concerts and other celebrations all year round. Students will get to network and access excellent business opportunities while studying in this city. 


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