What makes the creative field a promising career option?

Film, television, music and entertainment have had an everlasting impact on us and it’s no surprise that every generation has pursued a range of careers in the creative sectors. Be it the captivating script of Good Will Hunting or the rhythmic beats of Bohemian Rhapsody, the audiences continue to be hooked. 

Creative jobs come with a significant amount of job satisfaction as you get paid to pursue your passion, but they also require an equal amount of effort and expertise. With technological growth, creative careers have grown and evolved which means you will have to invest in a good program to qualify for such roles. 

Currently, creative jobs are not only in demand but are also an attractive and profitable option. If you have a creative mind and are keen to pursue a profession that is dynamic, innovative and enriching, then the entertainment sector will cater to your needs. Additionally, Trebas Institute programs will assist you along this journey by offering you updated knowledge and skills. 


A booming industry 

The creative field is vast and encompasses film, television, music, entertainment, sound and more. It offers varied job roles where you can select a profile that matches your expertise and preference. 

From a purely business perspective, the growth in the creative sector is immense. According to a Business Wire report, the global film and video market had a market value of nearly $234.9 billion in 2020, which is expected to reach $410.6 billion by 2030. 

As captivating as on-screen is, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to create excellent films and shows. Film and video production play a major role in ensuring that the sector runs smoothly and this market takes up the largest segment of the sector. The Business Wire report also states that the Film and Video production sector happens to be the fastest-growing division of the film and video industry with a CAGR of 8.2% from 2020-2025.  

The report also points towards the demand for experts in the film and video production sector where new jobs have been growing at a fast pace. Similarly, the global music industry has experienced significant growth in the past few years. According to IFPI, the total revenue of the global music market in 2021 was $25.9 billion. Record companies are hiring new talent, which includes artists along with audio recording and editing experts, to meet the demands of this fast-growing sector. 


Room for innovation 

The creative field is an exciting industry that allows you to showcase your potential and explore your talent. While skills are very important in this field, utilizing your creative mind is just as important. Unlike other regular jobs, this sector offers no limitation to how far you can push the envelope. 

For example, we have seen many DJs experiment with an eclectic range of music, hot cues, wide pitch and more. Every artist has their own way of creating a signature style. - be it Deko-Z or Teki Latex. 

Similarly, the film and television sector is filled with creative trends and digital innovation where the audiences are treated to something new with each film or show. From unique screenwriting to the use of VFX to an excellent soundtrack, each film has something different to offer. 


Growth with Trebas

The creative and entertainment sector is vast and professional growth in this field is only possible if you have the necessary talent and support. At Trebas institute, you will be taught by faculty who will share your passion and drive for success and will dedicate themselves to tapping into your potential. 

The institute offers quality education and has various programs in the creative field that are designed in line with industry requirements and recent trends. Trebas has a rich heritage of creating new standards of educational innovation which have helped students achieve professional success. Some notable alumni of this institute include Dave Mustaine, singer and guitarist of the rock band Megadeth, and Mike Piersante, Grammy Award-winning music producer. 


Nurturing new talent 

In its endeavor to generate interest in the creative field and attract more young minds, Trebas Institute visited the Mount Baker Secondary School in October 2022. The aim of this trip was to generate awareness and interest of students in the field of audio, film and television. 

Two faculty members of Trebas Institute, Kalman Szegvary and Jeff Wright, spearheaded this event and inspired students with their guidance while sharing their experiences with them. The enriching session aimed to give an overview of the entertainment industry to students and help them understand what it takes to work and succeed in this sector.

Kalman Szegvary is the Department Head of the Film & TV Production program at Trebas Toronto and a Toronto-based filmmaker with his own production company called Wildfire Motion Picture Company. Kalman enjoys mentoring students and has directed the horror film Ed’s Diner. 

Jeff Wright is the head of Audio Engineering & Production / DJ Arts at Trebas Institute- Toronto campus. He has over 15 years of experience recording voices and music for movies and shows that have won prestigious awards like Academy awards, Emmys, Gemini and more. 

The duo gave a lecture on ‘The Future of Audio Recording’ and ‘Writing Your Script’. This was followed by a Q&A session with students where Kalman and Jeff answered questions. 

Another outcome of this event is the possibility of a Spring Break Camp in Toronto where students will get the opportunity to learn more about the creative industry and design a career path in this sector. 


If you are passionate about a career in the creative sector, then check out Trebas Institute’s range of excellent programs on offer at its Toronto campus, such as Film & Television Production and Post-Production, Audio Engineering & Production/DJ Arts and more. 

At Trebas, you will be taught using a blend of theoretical and practical learning with a focus on developing cultural and global skills. Trebas also has an exemplary faculty with vast experience and expertise in the creative field. 

Another highlight of studying at Trebas is the state-of-the-art campus which is located in the heart of Toronto and connected to various shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. 

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