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How sound enhances the movie experience ?

Audio and Sound

Movies have captivated audiences around the world for decades, with the first development of this visual art form dating back to the late 19th...

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How can you organize a memorable virtual networking event?

Business & Technology

Business networking is an interesting and interactive way for professionals to meet other experts, share ideas and grow their circle. The pandemic...

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Trebas Institute Professor Kalman Szegvary hosts Screenwriting Seminar at Movie-Expo 2022

Film & Television

Trebas Institute Toronto is proud to announce that Kalman Szegvary, Department Head for Film & Television Production and Post-Production...

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How do you write a movie script?

Film & Television

If writing a film has been your dream, then writing your own film script will be a life-changing experience which requires dedication...

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Movie script

5 popular Canadian DJs you must know about

Audio and Sound

DJs around the world are dominating today’s techno-music industry. Amongst them are some famous Toronto DJs who are superbly talented....

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Fleming College partners with Trebas Institute Ontario

Fleming College partners with Trebas Institute Ontario to offer Fleming programs in Toronto

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